Shipping Information

Thank you in advance for reaching out to us!  The US Postal Service is experiencing delivery delays – please contact your local post office first if your item is delayed during transit.


Our standard shipping is done with Mail Innovations. 
Mail Innovations is a cooperation between UPS and the United States Postal Service (your local post office) to provide affordable shipping for lightweight packages. 
UPS ships it across the country, the Post Office takes it to your mail box. The shipping time is not guaranteed. 
This saves you money on shipping charges. You can always choose our UPS Ground service with a guaranteed 2-7 day delivery time for $9.99. 

How Mail Innovations works:


Day 1 – Within 24 hours on Monday-Friday, we ship out your package to a UPS Mail Innovations facility. Your package is picked up by UPS at 3:30 p.m. We provide the tracking number to you.

 (Add 2 days to delivery times if you make an order after 12pm on a Friday or 3 days prior to a holiday weekend.)

Day 2 – UPS scans the tracking number as it sorts the Mail Innovations boxes into bags and on pallets that go to various states.

• Check for your tracking.

 If the first scan is not made, contact us. We will track down the shipments with

Day 3 – The bags and pallets are scanned as they go onto a truck or a plane to be taken to the correct state. Transit time – 1-3 days.

Day 4/5 – The bags and pallets arrive at the UPS sorting facility in your state/city.

Day 5/6 – The package is taken to your local post office by a UPS truck. If it arrives early (prior to 8 a.m.), it often is able to be sorted onto your local post office carrier and is delivered to you that day.

• Check for your tracking.

Day 6-9 – If the package arrives in the afternoon, or on a Friday, the package will go out the next day or after the weekend is over. Transit time – 1-3 days.

• Check for your tracking.

 Most packages should arrive in 7-10 days.

 If UPS tracking says your package has arrived, but USPS doesn’t have tracking, it means the post office hasn’t scanned your package, but UPS has dropped it off at your post office. 

Day 10+ – If the package does not arrive in 10 business days, please contact your local Post Office first. It may be stuck in a backlog of packages that need sorted. Ask them when the backlog will be resolved. It is usually resolved in 2-5 business days.

If the Post Office says your package is lost, or if your products have been damaged in transit, please contact us immediately.